The Delegation Playbook

Delegate seamlessly, for better results, and without the stress.

Make this your go-to resource as you develop systems to maximize productivity and feel-good vibes with positive leadership tactics. The Playbook includes plug-and-play templates, easy to follow scripts, and other delegation tools designed to guide you to become a stronger leader.

You get:

  • Project Tracker
  • Delegation Guide
  • 5-Step Delegation Formula
  • Delegation Script

And lifetime access.

What People Are Saying:

Before The Delegation Playbook, I was stuck doing too many repetitive tasks, rather than focusing on the things I'm best at in business. Kate's framework is easy to follow, helps you identify exactly what you can delegate and most importantly shares HOW to delegate and follow up on that. I'm excited to have more time on my hands, and the scripts she's provided are worth every penny (and some!). Managing a team can be hard, but with the systems, I've been able to put in place and implement following the playbook I'm excited for what comes next for my business.

Dahna Borg - Founder and Chief Strategist

I'm an experienced leader, but I didn't realise I was missing a key step in Delegation Formula. Finally I'm confident to let go of control and trust that my team will deliver the project.

Confidential Client

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